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Joomlajunkie released Rational Magic

Tired of huge, heavy templates with that are crammed full of Javascript but low on style? Rational Magic will change that. The features you need, without all the fluff. This is a clean, effective and lightweight template that is designed to showcase you or your product.

The train of excellence keeps driving onward, and this month brings us our newest template--Rational Magic.


Webformatique Now Hosts Joomla Reservation Software

With many people now switching to a cms based web desing like Joomla. Webformatique now offer a hosting solution to all its customers, that allows you to get the whole reservation software package with no hidden costs.

We now offer a hosted service for all of our reservation product's so if you don't have Joomla or just don't want the trouble of installing and setting this up, we can help. Our hosted software solutions are pre-installed with Joomla and the product of your choice. We can even provide the design service to make the website look great. But what if the thought of learning Joomla is too much? Well we can also provide one-to-one Joomla and product training to get you started.


Grunge Joomla Template - JCSS Grunge

Joomla CSS Guide is pleased to announce the release of their new Joomla template called JCSS Grunge. This template goes in the opposite direction of those web2ee glossy buttons and colorful reflections and gives your websites a stunning old fashioned dirty look and feeling.


JoomSuite Mass Mail – New Joomla Component from JoomSuite

JoomSuite Mass Mail is an easy and convenient component organizing newsletters mailing. This component is very easy to understand but functional.

It easily creates newsletters using core Joomla component. To prevent from spam problems the component has parameters to set the number of letters to be send in particular intervals.


Hyperion - Joomla Template From RocketTheme

The all new RocketTheme Hyperion offers a rich and exciting design style for a variety of sites. With an emphasis on content, Hyperion allows you create all types of exciting presentations for your visitors. Hyperion comes bundled with 12 preset style options, a versatile 20 module positions, built-in preset font configurations, and a variety of powerful content driven module effects and functionality.


JoomSuite Content – version 1.2 is released

JoomSuite Content is an excellent alternative to Core Joomla Content except the fact it is much more advanced and allows to create own article types with different field sets.

Release 1.2 significantly differs from previous version. New version has logic improved and many new parameters were added. Now the usage of JoomSuite Content as form generator or Support Desk becomes native. Though there are new parameters added it became easier to manage parameters due to parameter inheritance change. You set parameters only in two places, when creating type and section.


Aurora - One template, unlimited possibilities!

Aurora is our most configurable and dynamic template yet! We have made it stupidly simple to customize almost every element of the template and it has 88 super slick backgrounds to choose from!

Aurora is a truly transparent template! Choose from one of our many pre-designed styles and instantly customize the look and feel of your site! We have also given you full control on how your background should display. Not only are there stunning graphics to choose from, but also vector styles, patterns and more! The coolest part is you do not have to get your hands dirty and edit any php or html. You can make all of these changes from the backend via a component. Nobody else offers this feature, we looked!

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